Yalonda, her beautiful & authentic spirit, and her T.R.U.T.H coaching program transformed a woman who was once broken, complacent, & lost into a woman who is now ambitious again, full of drive, and clearer about life. Initially, I was skeptical and blinded by the negative mindset & walls I had lived behind for years but, Yalonda exposed and pushed me to the other side!  On the other side, I’m unlocking potential I never saw in myself and I’m torching fires I didn’t believe still existed in my adult world.  I would say I wish I had encountered Yalonda years ago so that I could be so much further along by now but, honestly, I would have never been able to see and appreciate the value she has added to my life prior to this moment that, I believe, God orchestrated perfectly.  Thank you God and thank you, Yalonda!!

DW, Charlotte, NC, Age 31, Career Woman, Future Entrepreneur

Have you ever felt like a hamster stuck in the wheel of life just going around and around but never really accomplishing anything or making progress? That was me. Full of ideas, hopes, dreams but no direction. Rejection and fear had kept me bound for years. The Breakout Expert helped me to identify my self- sabotaging behaviors and break down barriers that were keeping me from reaching my fullest potential. The tools and strategies I gained within this program helped me to grow in my professional career, personal relationships and build my confidence. This was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.

Monque Woods, Charlotte, NC (Caterer)

I can’t thank you enough for helping me to break out of my inner prison walls. You are an amazing lady!

Dia Webb, Charlotte, NC (Designer)

I don’t endorse everybody but Yalonda is truly the REAL DEAL- I lie to you not. You can throw something out there and she just has a way of just opening your mind.

Jemeeka Richardson, Charlotte, NC (Personal Trainer)

I can really say I feel like a completely different person. When I started this program I wasn’t even sure it would work. I felt lost and even throught I should just go to therapy. I was sad and my hope was gone. Who would have thought I would have changed so much in such a short period of time. As a result of the coaching program I now have a vision. I am looking for a new career, ready to start my first book and seeking funding to start my own business that I was too afraid to even try before. I can honestly say I am better than I was. I have broke down the walls of fear, insecurity and I found my power. All of the abuse of my past is no longer hunting me. It actually is giving me a message to help others.

MCG, Charlotte, NC (Wife, mother, career woman and up and coming entrepreneur)

Yalonda is amazing. The one thing I can say is that she is gifted to help you see your truth in a different way. She listens and challenges you to go higher and to be your best. She doesn’t give you room to cheat yourself and because of that I am better. If there was another word I would use to describe the gift she brings, it would be perspective. She opened my eyes to see things differently. My work with her have changed how I parent and made me better as a wife. Many days I wanted to just give up but she would challenge me to see things differently. That got me through some hard times and some really dark places. When I learned how focus on the right things and not on the people around me I got stronger and I was able to withstand the obstacles.

TS, Spartanburg, SC (wife, mother, career leader, business owner)

I will never and I mean never forget the weekend retreat I had with you. When I think of it today I still come to tears. I thought you were so hard on me when we started that weekend but I left changed. You helped me to open my eyes to so much and I will never be the same. I am still not where I want to be but your words ring in my ear and I am going to get there. I know what to do

RDG, NC (single mother, career woman, student)

Believing in yourself is one thing. Having someone believe it with you and then stretch you beyond your limit is another thing. My family and I will forever be grateful for how you helped free my mind from my own limits. You taught me real processes that I implemented immediately and more than doubled my income in less than a year. I not only recommend your services but I officially endorse you!

BB, Charlotte, NC (career leader, parent, community influencer)

When my husband died I couldn’t see how I was going to make it. I literally felt like my life was over. The work you did with me and my family helped us to heal. You took something so tragic and helped us to see the beauty in it. For years after our work together was complete, I often thought of you. I thought about the picture of beauty you created from what could have been tragic. You often say it’s important to repurpose the pain and that’s exactly what your work allowed me to do. Me, my son and my family will forever be grateful for you Yalonda. Thank you does not seem adequate enough but for this life it will have to do.

SO, Birmingham, Alabama (mother, widow and believer)

Oh my God. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I knew what to do but I forgot I knew what to do. One phone call. One phone call with you and I was ready again. That’s what I love about you. You can take something that seems so hard and impossible and make it so simple. Like you said on the call, you are right, I can do this. I did it before and I can do it again. Thanks for reminding me of all the work we had done together and getting me back on track!

SG, Raleigh Durham, NC (Entrepreneur)

I love working with Yalonda because I can trust her. For years she has always coached me to make better decisions. I didn’t always want to hear everything but I knew she was right and she never led me wrong. She gets results and as I watched her grow over the years I knew I wanted what she had and so I reached out for more coaching. She’s amazing.

KB, Concord, NC (mother, career woman, aspiring business owner)