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Are you avoiding having the necessary talk with your loved ones? Are you holding back due to toxic thoughts such as...

  • I'm too young and don't need to think about this right now. I have time.

  • My family already knows what I want and I don't need to tell them.

  • I don't want to invite death in by talking about it. I need to think positively.

  • I have insurance. Isn't that enough?

  • I need to eliminate some debt first. Plus I really don't have that many assets, so it doesn't matter.

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Coming Fall 2020

This #1 Life's Transition Planning Book is a must have for every person!

Rest Remains Funeral Programs Staff

Fort Mill, SC

"It saddens my heart when I work with families that can't grieve because they are too busy trying to put the pieces together. Yalonda says it best, "When you put the pieces together, you will leave your family the final gift of peace."

M. Williams

Charlotte, NC

"After seeing what others that are closest to me went through, I wanted to gift myself, family, and friends the knowledge that is needed to be better prepared."

Widow and Mother

Charlotte, NC

"We had talked about everything and I thought we were good. After he passed, I realized there were so many legal things we didn't have in order and I had no one. I wish I had a guide like this while he was still here."

D. Robbins

New York City, NY

"The only way I knew how not to lose everything my sister had worked for was to wait for the mail. That's how I knew what to take care of from week to week. I almost lost her car because I couldn't find the title. I don't wish that on anyone. We should have planned ahead.”

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Coming Fall 2020

The 10 STEPS featured in this MUST HAVE BOOK are KEY to

having "THE TALK" to PREPARE for life's trials.


  • How to prepare for health care emergencies.
  • Tips & tricks to organizing important paperwork.
  • How to establish TRUTH and TIMED goals.
  • How to have "The Talk" with those you love.
  • What some essential legal documents are and why you need them.
  • How to break down the walls that keep you from talking about death.
  • How to communicate your wishes for burial and funeral ceremonies.

ONLY $24.99

plus $3.99 shipping and handling

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