The Mission: NO MORE WALLS

God intended for you to live a life without walls. You deserve to walk in freedom! If something is holding you back, let me teach you how to find your GOLDEN KEY to unlock truth, purpose, potential, and power. You can live in TOTAL FREEDOM: mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially!

A 10-week private 1:1 coaching program designed to do a deep level of work where you are coached to identify the invisible walls that are holding you back.
A 12-week extensive guidance program to help you make the most impact as you deliver your message, gift, and service to the world.
An 8-week dynamic group coaching program equipping you to break down the invisible walls that are holding you back in life, business, relationships, and careers.
An intense 3-day retreat filled with powerful sessions that leave you with the tools to move forward and stand in your truth.
A 6-month course specifically designed for entrepreneurs. Clients will learn how to break down invisible walls in life, relationships and in business.

I am

I have been coaching for over 20 years if you count sister girl talks, “I’ve got you” conversations, and ministry counseling. With enough schooling and credentialed letters behind my name to write a new alphabet, I am most proud of the education that came from common sense, failing and getting back up, and learning to lean on God’s grace.

How Can I Help You?
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Breakout: The Journey to One Love

    Are You Stuck?

    Then you have probably hit an invisible wall.
    What’s an INVISIBLE WALL?
    Glad you asked!


    It’s the ceiling you keep hitting even though you know you’re made for more.


    It’s the voice that says you can’t but deep in your heart, you know you can.


    It’s the racing heart that paralyzes you in fear when you know you can do it!


    It’s the “no” you hear when you don’t get the job or the promotion and you don’t know why.


    It’s the confusion of mind because you can see the end but you don’t know how to get there.


    It’s the one thing that is keeping you from TRUTH and FREEDOM!

    Now that you know, are you ready to BREAKOUT?

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    Breakout: It’s Time to Have the Talk 10 Steps to Having “The Talk” to Prepare for the Trials of Life” Health Emergencies, Burial Wishes, and Post Life Planning

    It’s Time To Have The Talk

    I am committed to coaching you to be prepared in every area of life. Order your copy today and help create a love plan for those you love.


    It’s Time To Have The Talk

    I am committed to coaching you to be prepared in every area of life. Order your copy today and help create a love plan for those you love.

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    “I don’t endorse everybody but Yalonda is truly the REAL DEAL- I lie to you not. You can throw something out there and she just has a way of just opening your mind.”
    Jemeeka Richardson, Personal Trainer
    Charlotte, NC
    “I can’t thank you enough for helping me to break out of my inner prison walls. You are an amazing lady!”
    Dia Webb, Designer
    Charlotte, NC
    “I love working with Yalonda because I can trust her. For years she has always coached me to make better decisions. I didn’t always want to hear everything but I knew she was right and she never led me wrong.”
    KB, mother & career woman
    Concord, NC