The 5-Step T.R.U.T.H.™ Clarifier

The 5-Step T.R.U.T.H.™ Clarifier

The 5 Step T.R.U.T.H™ Clarifier

10-Week One-On-One Coaching

The 5 Step T.R.U.T.H™ Clarifier is a 10-week private 1:1 coaching program. This program is designed to do a deep level of work where clients are coached to identify the invisible walls that are holding them back, stop self-sabotaging behavior, unlock hidden potential, ignite passions and run in new-found freedom! This program is for any individual that is tired of living life behind the mask and is ready to take it off, move forward and stand in their truth. Through the custom designed sessions, you will learn how to make the biggest breakthrough in their life.

Yalonda’s one of kind system takes you on a journey of truth as you:

Touch the walls:  Identify what’s holding you back. You must identify in order to navigate.

Reflect inwardly: Release self-sabotaging behavior, reprogram and reset the mind.

Unlock the potential: Repurpose pain and change your perspective. What used to stop you now fuels you. You hold the golden keys to your success.

Torch it: Ignite your passion and get to what you really want in life. Do what you have never done and live like you have never lived.

Hit the ground running: Activate the vision, set intent driven goals, create a plan to make impact while you profit from your passion.